Monday, September 5, 2016

Potstickers, for science.

Hi everyone.

Over the past few weeks, I've pondered the age old question of, "can one eat 'too many' potstickers"? It's a blight on my conscience, and as I try to figure out the true meaning of this, for science, I took on the cause to investigate.

Thus far in my studies, I have found that, no, one can not eat 'too many' potstickers. The real conundrum lies in how the delicious dumplings are prepared. And to this I have crafted an answer.

I'm not a potsticker connoisseur, and mostly I can't eat the ones in restrauants, as they overwhelmingly have animal ingredients, but these Trader Joe's gyoza are delicious. WAY better ( and I can't stress the 'way' enough) than the ones at Whole Foods. Cheaper too, as this bag is about $3.79 (sometimes cheaper at other Trader Joe's).

I do the fry/water fry method which makes them crispy on the outside but warm on the inside. You can deep fry them, or microwave them as well, but I like the taste of the fry/water fry method.

This is what you need. I HIGHLY recommend coconut oil for the frying part. It makes them delicious. I mean the word delicious. Not over using it in this case. Delicious.

I use an iron skillet but I'm sure using anything you have on hand will suffice. I lay them in flat side down on a really low heat until I hear them sizzle. A couple minutes and when they are brown (I stepped away in these photos), I turn them over and then turn up the heat to a good med.

After the second browning, I use the veggie stock. Now, I've used water and it works fine, I just wanted to use up the veggie stock I already had open, so don't go out and buy it just for this unless you are hard core about your potstickers, and if that's the case, much respect to you.

Pour in enough to not even cover the bottom of the pan. Too much liquid and the potstickers will be doughy. Too little and they will still be frozen inside. The liquid should sizzle upon pour. Cover with a lid and let it steam a while, then flip them. At this point you may need to add more water/broth. 

The potstickers would look all glazed and be soft. I turn down the heat at this point and let them warm good and through. Then I transfer them to my dish, add dumpling sauce, and consume. 

That's it. I've damn near perfected it at this point, for science and all. Why not? Everyone needs a good amount of potstickers in their life.

Until next time!

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