Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vegan Oktoberfest review!

This past weekend, Saturday to be exact, I partook in my first Vegan Oktoberfest and it was fun.

The even spanned two days, and was located in downtown LA, so I was able to take the train. While on my way, I sean into a friend's boyfriend. She was already there working the event (helping set up) so we traveled together and go there with time to spare. 

I waited in line and was chatting it up with a bodybuilder and his sites who were also vegans. A LOT of vegan body builders come to these events as their "cheat days". They liked my outfit, which I made :)

The event was set up like a little city and there was a space for food trucks, vendors, and all the beer in the world. It also had plenty of tables and seating for people right in front of the stage.

The whole area was spacious and full, but no real long lines and lost of thirsty vegans.

As far as what I was looking for, I remember from Vegan Beer Fest at the Rose Bowl, there was an amazing Ginger Beer and when I saw them at this fest, they were my first top. You were given tickets for a full pour on your 14oz steins, so I used them for two of the three tickets!

The food was good and upon arrival I had an agenda, the ginger beer (don't) a toona sandwich, and a funnel cake. Well, the toona was not there. That vendor didn't bring it. If there is one thing I miss from being vegan, it's tuna. I really miss the texture, but hey, we all miss things.

Dounut Friend had a bevy of treats and I partook in my all time favorite pastry, an apple fritter. And it was gooood. They had no business card, which I thought was odd if not pretentious, but wharves.

Hungry Broke Vegan and a delicious sausage and cabbage plate. It was some of the only German food there. Soooo good!

The music was supplied by one band, and it was okay, but many thought they spent too much time on contests. A swing dance friend of mine who is also vegan showed up and we did some dancing. It was a blast! We got quite a few stares.

All in all the ticket was $50 for VIP, which got you in an hour early. I'd do VIP again, as its just nice to take a breather and look and pace yourself. Though this even was not crowded, I'd still pay the extra $10.

The beer was great and they were stocked well until near an hour to the end. Some places ran out faster than others, but the lines didn't show up until the beer really started to go thin. I'm a stout and porter gal myself, and I had some nice ones to select, but it was mainly an IPA (yuck) and lager collection.

The meal food was about $10+ an item. I learned my lesson form Vegan Beer Fest, and split most of what I bought with other people. I didn't fill up on food too much this event, which left more room for beer! I say if you take about $40 you'll have plenty of cash to eat on.

So for about $100 I got all the beer I could drink, tons of vegan food choices and a grand afternoon. That's a good deal, I think.

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