Friday, September 28, 2012

Fresh Veggies in the Summertime

Its been a lovely summer of color and fruits and fun. 
With work, I've been able to go places and try foods and experiment with my vegan diet in ways I couldn't do before.

$7 haul from my local farmer's market.
It's strange, I'm running into more and more vegans when I go out, and more restaurants are catering to vegan folks alongside meat eaters.

You will always have those snarky people, though. You know, those that will always think of your veganism as being something 'other'. Jerks. But I keep on keeping on, enjoying my vegan lifestyle and I'm happy with my deisions.

Speaking of which. I'm being rather good at eating all my veggies.

CSA of the past couple of weeks.

 My juicing is just amazing. That juicer was the best investment. I juice every morning and sometimes at night. The juice fast ended rather well after 10 days. I felt different, not really cleansed, but more like I was able to reset my stomach. My portions are different now and I feel in control of my eating more so than before.

I don't remember all these juices, but I thought you all would enjoy the colors :)

 The juicing experimentations are so much fun. With apple bases, I just play and play. I make sure to get my greens in, but my new favorite juice is cantaloupe and grapefruit. Man, that is some amazing side of good.

I also bit the bullet and decided to make my own sushi. I often go out with co-workers for sushi and even though it's not too expensive (because I get vegan sushi), I decided to get some supplies and try and make my own.

A haul from Cost Plus World Market. Yeah, I got a lot of ginger...

Fresh cut veggies.
Veggies with apple vinegar and a bit of sugar.
The next day once the pickled veggies had time to cure, I made my sushi.

The bleeding pink is the beets.
Yeah baby! I'm still working on my rice. It needs more flavor, but this sushi cost no more than $1. Dude!
 I like eating out with co-workers. It's fun and I consider it part of my social life, but I'm spending nearly $15 a meal and when I eat out with them 3-4 times a week, it adds up. I'm either going to have to work more on making lunches or ordering cheaper items.

We will see. I know one thing, I really like making sushi!