Friday, July 6, 2012

The rainbow of juicing

Hi everybody! Man, these last couple of months have really gotten away from me. What can I say, my life is busy and I love it. I have a good job, am due for a raise, have four people beneath me, with more on the way, and I feel I'm respected. It's awesome.

I've been eating better, feeling better and since my move, I live better. It's been a good year for me and with two years of hardness, I think I'm due.

I'm not taking it for granted. I feel I'm investing in myself, and food is one way. 

Look at these fruits and veggies! This is from the same CSA I mentioned earlier. Now that summer is here in California, I get amazing items in amazing colors. Those colors translate so well to juicing. Let me show you!

Apple, celery and lemon. 
Char, celery, apple and orange.
Kale, celery, apple and orange.
Watermelon, pear, char, celery, lettuce, and lemon.
Apple, kiwi, pear and beet.
Watermelon, beet, apple, char, lemon and mango.

Red cabbage, apple, kiwi and lemon.
Char, beets, cucumber, and apple.
Beet, cucumber, apple and kale.
Juiced veggies for soup stock.
Juice plus veggie pulp equal a lovely veggie soup!
This juicer has been so much fun. Along with my CSA it's already paid for itself. I waste less food now from spoiling, and I juice for breakfast and I'm golden.

My CSA is $40 bi-weekly, delivered. Each of the below is a week's worth delivered. These are the middle sized boxes.

All the colors and brightness and beauty. All the creations I get to make and challenges of items I get to try. Yummy! I love it. I'm absolutely loving it! $20 a week for pounds of fresh organic produce, hells yeah!

I know some CSA's take food stamps, but that may depend on your state. If you can go for it, I say do it. Sure, you don't choose what you get, but that's life. You can't always choose what you eat. Sometimes you have to make due!

More to post later!

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