Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I started a CSA!

SavRaw (fun play on words, right?). I've been wanting to start a CSA for a long time. It was not until after I went to my local farmer's market and spent $15 on 5 avocados, 5 oranges and a head of lettuce, that I realized this route might be more economical.

This was my first box. For $30 I get a box delivered to my door bi-weekly. So it come out to $15 a week. That's a good deal for at your door organic produce.

 Look at these potatoes.

I made a stew with the veggies in order to use them all up. This pack even had fresh rosemary.

This is my second box. Although the strawberries were good, I only ate a couple before they went bad. I'm not a huge fruit person.

Parsnips, some carrots, potatoes (not from the CSA),

Chopped with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and rosemary.


 I am liking the CSA. I'm getting veggies I would not normally get at the grocery. I've never cooked parsnips before. A bit of research online says there was a time when they were more popular than potatoes. That's something. This Sunday I get my third CSA and I can't wait to see what is in that one.

Just to recap my absence. I got a full time job, which has saved me. Ended food stamps about 5 months ago and have never looked back. I moved from my rat hole of an apartment into a 1500 square foot one bedroom. I love it. 

I love it all. I'm working, living, and having fun and eating good food. I'm planning on trying new veggie/vegan items on the market and doing reviews. Stay tuned for that.

Also more baking and experimenting with new foods. Scones, here I come. All of this done inexpensively so those who have yet to find their new job can eat well too. By the by, I'm sure some CSAs take food stamps.

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