Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yummy meals both made and bought.

This month I've been food spending. I'm moving (to a much better apartment, yay employment) and I've been purging myself of a lot of stuff I've never used and will never use again. Got a paper shredder (used) and I'm taking my time getting through a lot of junk in order to have a new cleaner beginning.

How does food come into play? Oh, it does. These past few weeks at my new job I've been going out and spending nearly $20 a day on food. It's been at Whole Foods and is nourishing and good, but that is a lot of money.

My goal with the move has been to take a reality check on that spending and start to make nourishing meals at home to take in to work.

'Sausage' with avocado and peppered heirloom tomatoes.

Look at those 'maters. They were very good and I was specific to MAKE myself eat them. I have a habit of buying what I 'think' I will eat and allowing it to reside at its leisure until I feel forced to eat it before it spoils then I don't.

This $5 carton lasted me all week and it was a good task for me. Glad I did it.

One of the splurges I made while I was downtown this past weekend was go to babycakes, the vegan bakery.

Clockwise: Chocolate chip brownie cupcake, red velvet cupcake,
maple glazed donut, and chocolate crumble roll.

I've gnashed on babycakes before, but I am rarely downtown, so I decided to splurge. That box of confections was just under $20! What I found sweet was the cashier asking me, "Are you okay with sugar?" I smiled and got my treats.

Out of them all, the donut was by far the best most complete experience. It was a thick donut and not too sweet. Just a great texture and flavor. The chocolate chip brownie cupcake was second. It was one of the first chocolate vegan delights that I have really, REALLY tasted the chocolate first above the cake. It's a real rich chocolate flavor that was not too sweet. The red velvet really has no taste, but the icing is great, and the crumble roll was so big I got two servings out of it! It was rich and very, very good with a cup of coffee.

I'm gonna have to learn how to make those donuts.

 Babycakes was after our lunch downtown. We went to the Nickel Diner again but this time I changed it up. I generally get their stuffed avocado with quinoa salad, but it was cool and I wanted something a bit spicier.

I got the vegan chili with a side of fries. 
So in essence a big order of vegan chili fries. It was a great meal.

But starting Monday, it's back to home made lunches.

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