Monday, June 6, 2011

Rest of May food.

Homemade soy ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. 
All of it cost no more than $4 for 8 servings of this!

As usual when there is a new quarter, I didn't get the benefits until the middle of the month. 

5/19/11 Food 4 Less total: $36.39

5/19/11 Trader Joe's total: $94.92
This time I splurged on dried fruit. I love to make my own trail mix.

5/23/11 Trader Joe's Cash total: $9.97
Had a craving for some quac, and I didn't feel like pulling out the bennies card in a crowded store.
Yeah, I still have a hang up about it all. I'm a grown person, I should be able to pay for my own food, but it can't. It's been a year, but I still feel ashamed.

5/25/11 Ralph's total: $28.82
I wanted to try the vegenase. I never order it on food when I go out but I've always wanted to try it so I got some. It's pretty good but I'm not a big mayo fan in the first place. I have been eating a lot of wraps this month. Mainly as a vehicle to consume my spinach.

I also wanted to try this new Silk coconut milk. Well, yes, it's coconut milk, which has always tasted like oily water  to me. I'll use it up in some baking.

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