Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Foodstuffs

I had my quarterly review again. Every three months you have to send in all your financial information and be reevaluated for the quarter on your food stamp allowance. For some reason my quarterly revies always take longer than normal, so I rarely get bennies for the first part of the month of that new quarter. This month was no different.

5/2/11 Gelson's cash total: $7.27

I was mad buying this bread. It was moldy upon getting it home. I should have returned it, but the store was a distance away, and I didn't want to trek all the way back there for $3. Perhaps I should have. I just won't by that bread again.

5/2/11 Bob's Red Mill cash total: $30.10

I often do an order from Bob's Red Mill I'd say two to three times a year. I LOVE their oatmeal and will not bake with anything but their dry active yeast. The thing is, the shipping costs are often 20-30% of my total, so I make sure I guy things that are cheaper than what they are in the store. I might not save a lot shopping online, but I have it sent right to my home. I also like shopping at the source.

5/5/11 Food For Less cash total: $7.85

5/5/11 Trader Joe's cash total: $20.94

5/7/11 Food 4 Less cash total: $5.50

5/9/11 Food 4 Less cash total: $7.64

5/11/11 Ralphs cash total $7

5/15/11 Trader Joe's cash total: $24.82

Cash total $111.12

Wow, I didn't know I spent that much. I had a strange craving for salsa. I just wanted fresh, or rather 'fresh' and something light. What cost the most so far this month was the coffee. I tend to go through a canister of coffee a week. It used to be faster, but I cut my scoopage to get an extra carafe of java a week.

Also, I tend to go through one half gal of soy milk a week. If I'm baking, it tends to be 1 1/2 cartons. You don't want to know the total of vanilla extract I use...

Also made some seitan for the first time. I wasn't sure how good it would turn out, as the Veganomicon recipe made me feel like I was walking on eggshells. In the end man was it salty. So the second time I used the recipe on the pack of the Bob's Red Mill VWG.

Now that summer is getting here, I'm planning on saving some money by making my own soy ice cream. This first try came out fairly good but I want to tweak it next time. The recipe is from veganomicon, and surprisingly it was pretty good.

That's it for now!

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