Friday, March 11, 2011

I finally perfected my chocolate chip cookies!

Quite proud of that. I mean they are perfect.

Not too sweet, not too bitter, or cakey, or gooey, or hard, or soft or too anything. I'm very happy by it too. I've been working on the recipe for a while tweaking it just so. I'd say some of the largest changes were allowing the oils to reach room temperature on their own, not by heating them up, and a couple of table spoons of vital wheat gluten.

Plus, minimal damage to the sink area. Great!

This month's food stamp allotment $207
3/07/11 Food 4 Less total: $32.03

I am never buying fresh produce from this place ever again. Seriously. I decided to make my soups (cauliflower and corn chowder) using fresh cauliflower and corn. BOTH times I had the runs when I finished eating them. When I used frozen or canned veggies, no problem. I've bought veggies fresh from many places but never have I been so consistently sick when I bought them there. So never again.

3/09/11 Trader Joe's total $49.86

Just got some staples.

I have also been working on what to do with potatoes this week. I tried my hand at tater chips. I wanted them baked, so I sliced them thin and broiled them. When I took them out for their turn over, they looked pretty good. I guess I let too much time go by, and they got charred! Aw well.

I'll try again soon.

My next grocery venture will take me to Fresh & Easy where I'll get some supplies for the recipes I'm eyeing in Veganomicon.

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