Monday, November 15, 2010

End of last month's food.

10/10 Whole Foods cast total: $22
I'm not too sure how much I spent her, I paid cash and can't find the receipt.

10/12/10 Food for Less total: $29.70

10/15/10 Trader Joe's total: $23.02

10/19/10 Food for Less total: $17.93

10/22/10 Trader Joe's cash total: $31.63

10/27/10 Truly Vegan totay: $25.24

10/27/10 Gelsons: Cash total $12.28

10/28/10 99¢ Store & Ralphs: Cash total $22
The Jamba Juice was $4

10/29/10 Ralphs cash total: $22.05
Jamba Juice was $4

I had a craving for 'beans & franks' for a while. Great comfort food.

Other fun spending this month:
10/15/10 Pete's Cafe $20.76

10/14/10 Edison bar $24.
Friends came into town. Had to say hi to them.

10/31/10 Drinks at Cicada Club: $60
It was halloween, what do you want from me?!

I know I've been a bit lax with posts. It's because I had a job. Well, I should say 'job' because it ended in 10 days. It was freelance, but it was supposed to go on for three weeks, but you know clients. So the past month of recreational spending has sunk me this month. Man, move some cash from rent to fun and all hell drops out under you.

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