Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Food of the Month

It's been a while since I've updated. This past month has been total shit. From having my unemployment benefits nearly taken away, and being without them for 5 weeks, to my beloved dog dying in my hands, I have not been up to much.

But things are looking on the up and up. I might have some freelance work, I got my bennies back (although they will run out soon) and I passed my terrible in triplicate food stamp renewal application process. I was surprised, my awards letter said that I was going to get $60, but I got $200, which I was happy about.

9/17/10 Food 4 Less total: $20.44

9/23/10 Fresh & Easy total: $18.30

9/29/10 Ralph's total $18.50

10/1/10 Trader Joe's total: $15.53

My month without soy was kind of a bust. I thought I'd feel different, or my skin would clear or I'd have more energy. None of the above. I did however notice the taste change when I switched coffee because the almond milk didn't taste good with the Italian roast I love. But that was a small thing. This next month I think I'll live on pancakes and pizza.

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