Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yes you can drink 'egg creams'...kinda.

Food Stamp Balance $156.35

7/2/2010 Trader Joes Total $35.45

7/3/2010 Whole Foods Cash Total $7.93

I always feel like a tool using my Food Stamp card in Whole Foods. I rarely buy anything from there anyway, so I guess it shouldn't matter, but still. I was surprised to discover that they have the cheapest frozen shelled edamame. $2 a pound.

7/3/2010 Food 4 Less Total $27.30

7/4/2010 Fresh & Easy Total $33.60

I still love this store. I now get most of my staples from them instead of Trader Joes, which seems to be gravitating toward pre packaged specialty items. Mumph.

7/7/2010 Food 4 Less Total $9.42

I never really liked egg creams even when I ate dairy. But, I must say, I do so enjoy a nice 'egg cream' on the vegan tradition. They are tasty. You do have to stir them on occasion because of separation, but its not like anything is curdling or something.

I like using the Clearly Canadian flavored waters. You get a lovely note in the drink with them. I also make my own vanilla syrup. 3 parts sugar, one part water, some vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Bring sugar and water to a light boil, remove from heat, add vanilla and salt and let cool. Refrigerate. Done.

Small pleasures, right?

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